6 Reasons Mini-Yo-We is the Perfect Choice for a First Time Overnight Camper

Rich BirchBlog


Every summer at Mini-Yo-We, we have hundreds of first time campers join us. Last summer, we had over 500 guests who have never been to Mini-Yo-We before! This coming summer, we anticipate that it’s going to be even higher. In our 70 summer history, we’ve seen a lot of first-time campers join us. We’ve become thoroughly adept at ensuring they have a great time with us. In fact, at Camp Mini-Yo-We, we pride ourselves at being the perfect choice for the first time overnight camper. Here are only a few of the reasons why so many first time campers love Camp Mini-Yo-We:

  • Discovery Camp // This is our program designed for your campers age 5-9 and has been built from the ground up with first time campers in mind! The cabins are spacious and have bathrooms right in them because new campers are oftentimes concerned about how close those facilities will be. Discovery is a “camp within the camp” where everything is close by so there is never a long transition time to the next fun activity. The massive playground is like the best one from your home town only bigger! We have a camper to staff ratio of 2:1 ensuring lots of personal care and interaction for the entire duration that you new campers are with us!
  • Express Camp // For some campers (and parents!), the thought of being away for an entire week can be a daunting one! So we’ve designed a special three day camp where our team will give you a call on Tuesday night and let you know how the week has unfolded and how your sons and daughters have been adjusting to Mini-Yo-We. You get to make the call on whether they stay until Saturday – no pressure! (Hint: The majority of campers end up staying for the entire week because they’re having way too much fun!) It’s a perfect way to ease into being a Camper!
  • Open House // On the last Sunday of May, we host an open house for our community. This is your chance to get to see our facility, meet our staff and get accustomed to what it’s like to come to Mini-Yo-We. Many first time families take advantage of this day because it helps their kids get an idea of what it’s going to be like when they come in for the summer season. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore Mini-Yo-We in a low pressure environment. Plus, parents love it because they join in some unbridled fun!
  • Tools // We’ve designed a number of tools to help you through your first time camper experience. We’ll provide you with a clear packing list that will answer all your questions about what your kids should bring. We also provide clear reminders about what the opening day is going to look like, so you know what to anticipate. Our website is full of information that is helpful for first time campers and includes daily schedules, activity descriptions and more! We even have a podcast that is perfect for first time families called The Mini-Yo-We Mom’s Podcast.
  • Staff Training // Camp Mini-Yo-We does a lot of training for our people. We are amongst the highest trained staff at any camp in Canada. Our mission as an organization is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Training is at the core of what we “do” as an organization. A key part of this team training is focused on ensuring that first time campers feel truly welcomed. Every spring, we train our team in making sure that all campers feel integrated into our program. Our LIT program has sessions on practical ideas on helping every camper feel included and welcomed in the fun of cabin life. In fact, every Sunday before Mini-Yo-We receives more campers, we take time out to remind our team about the importance of caring for and loving all of our campers, including first time ones!
  • Our Office // Our office is willing and ready to answer any questions you might have as you prepare for the summer time. Don’t hesitate to email or call them with anything we can help you with. As they say on those cheesy infomercials… our team is waiting by to take your call! Everyday people reach out to our team to get their questions answered so don’t feel silly for reaching out. We’d be honoured to have you reach out to the office with anything that comes to your mind about your child’s Mini-Yo-We experience!

We know you’re feeling nervous about dropping your kids off at Camp! In fact, many other families have felt that same way in the past few years. However, after their kids have been through the unforgettable experience offered at the Camp, they’ve found it to be amazingly enriching for them.

We’d be honoured to have you choose Camp Mini-Yo-We for your first time overnight camp experience. We’ll work hard to ensure your kids have a great time. It’s our hope that your family will plug in and be a part of our community for years to come!

Rich Birch
Executive Director