Leap of Faith – Episode 20 – Catching Up with Jordyn Bowker

Camp MYW

Hello Hello! We had a great weekend hanging out together and getting pumped for the summer. I hope you were able to make it but if you couldn’t: we missed you!

One of my hopes for this podcast is that can be a place not just for my voice but for yours. So, while we were up at camp I got a chance to sit down with one of summer team members from last year. I was able to learn about her experience, how she grew in faith, and what that faith looks like in life after camp. 

I’d like to introduce Jordyn Bowker. If you don’t know Jordyn: she was a member of the LIT program last year and served a few weeks as a cabin leader. She graciously took some time to chat with me about her experience and to share her thoughts about camp, and faith after camp. I’m not going to write out the full transcript so click the link above. Listen in and find out what she has to say.

I want to thank Jordyn for her willingness to talk with me and share her thoughts with you. She shares with such honesty and gives a strong perspective on how to walk with Jesus every day. I love the idea of thinking of Jesus as a true personal friend who is walking with you. 

Hey if you are interested in being a voice on this audio check in. You can share something about your camp experience and how you are growing after camp by reaching out to me. I would love to hear from you and I’m sure that your experience will be a blessing to our community. You can email me at pat@miniyowe.com

Thanks again Jordyn for leading our discussion today. And to all of you, we are praying for you. We think you are amazing so keep being awesome!


This post is part of our Leap of Faith Audio Check-ins. We want to encourage you to leap into your faith and continue to grow at home, at school, and in your church. These audio check-ins are meant to encourage you as live out your faith every day. 

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