A Digital Refresh – April 20, 2020: Day’s Off

Camp MYW

Today’s reflection is from Jez Bell.  Jez is the Director of Our Year-Round Programs, leading our internship program, and hosting groups throughout the year.

Today’s Reading: Genesis 1 – 2:3

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Genesis 2:2-3

Are you a little like me at this time?

Not knowing what day it is? Every day seems to be the same these days. In my life there isn’t much change. I knew my days by the activities that were happening on each day. Monday – Kids piano, Tuesday- Kids dance, Wednesday – Small group at my house (Clean the house!) Thursday – Garbage and Recycling, Friday – Kids soccer, Saturday – normally something Kid related, Sunday – Church. That was my winter routine. We know our days by what we fill them with.

I am still reflecting on the Easter weekend.

In my last devotion, I spent some time reflecting on Easter Saturday. I find myself still thinking a lot about that actual Saturday and as I do, I find myself thinking a lot about this Sabbath. What is Sabbath? How do I honour a Sabbath? Is a Sabbath just a day off?

Easter Saturday was a Sabbath. A day that no one worked. Jesus would have honoured the Sabbath and rested as well as he would have taught the disciples to rest. However, Jesus also knew how to rest. Not like the Pharisees expected. Jesus healed people on the Sabbath. Why? Because He came to show us the Fathers Heart. He healed because love and compassion is not work.

Jesus’ closest friends and family would have found it very hard to “rest” on Easter Saturday. Full of mourning, broken-hearted, lost, confused emotions they would have had a hard time to rest. It would have been a struggle to stop and remember their God. To stop and take time to pray and worship. What struck me about Easter Saturday and it being a Sabbath is that it all comes back to Creation.

Genesis 2:2 tells us that God finished the work he had been doing and so rested on the seventh day.

It also tells us that God blessed that day and made it Holy.

The connection between Easter Saturday and creation is that there is a time of rest before perfect completion. Creation was not complete without the Seventh-day. Jesus’ mission was not complete without the rest day. As Jesus lay in the tomb on Easter Saturday he was resting, Jesus’ last words on the cross “It is finished” echo’s the words of His Father after six days of Creation.

We find it hard to rest. I think because we are drawn into the lure of presenting ourselves as busy and important. Often our identity is in what we are doing, have done and are going to do. However, I think God is calling us to rest. Give Him our time and our worship, let Him speak to us and guide us. If we are too busy filling our lives with stuff, then how will we be able to listen to Jesus’ words to us? Take some time, rest and rest well in His presence.


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