Episode #2 – What experiences can older kids have at Mini-Yo-We?

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What experiences can older kids have at Mini-Yo-We? Many people think camp is just for younger campers, but Mini-Yo-Me offers programs for older campers as well. Rachel and Becca join Christine to talk about these programs.

  • More time at camp. // Rachel loved going to camp from the first time and always wanted to find more time that she could spend there. The older you got the more time you could spend at camp through the programs in leadership development. Campers as old as 15 can still go to the core camp, and then they can move into leadership programs and positions.
  • Programs fit for your child. // The programs at Mini-Yo-We work well in offering adventures that the kids need at each age group as they move from one program to the next. There are the programs at Boys Camp and Girls Camp that allow the kids to experience the summer with the kids of their own gender. Then the co-ed programs offer different opportunities as well. Northwoods is a two week camp that includes a 10 day canoe trip, and Wake|Sail offers programs to improve your skills in specialized water sports.
  • Ease into leadership behind the scenes. // Enterprise is a two week program stepping stone toward leadership. The kids have the opportunity to learn to serve before they go on to lead. They work in the kitchen and cleaning to learn how things work behind the scenes at the camp. This program offers great lessons to help them transition from being a camper to being a staff member.
  • Deepen friendships. // Encourage your kids to consider working leadership at Mini-Yo-We. They can build deep friendships with the other kids working leadership positions at camp that can last a lifetime. They can learn more by talking with the girls or boys who have gone ahead of them and learn what opportunities they could have within the camp. Even kids who are now too old to enter as a camper and have never been to Mini-Yo-We can enter in a leadership position and have experiences that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Experiencing the summer in smaller groups—whether that’s within their own section or cabin or groups of leaders in one area—allow for deeper relationship with each other. This provides a great introduction for life when they head off to university and meet these groups of people.
  • Carry over into life. // The leadership that Mini-Yo-We teaches even among the campers before they transition into leadership programs can transfer into their life at home. Rachel’s son paid his own way to Mini-Yo-We. We was dedicated to being at camp longer than his parents could pay, so he did odd jobs and saved money from allowance to pay for that week himself. This allowed him to see gears behind the scenes in taking ownership of money.
  • Recover and relax. // Think of Camp Mini-Yo-We as a week long slumber party. Even though they’ve had a lot of fun, for many kids they are ready for a break after leaving camp. Keep this in mind when you pick up your kids and let them have a few days of downtime to recover and ease themselves back into regular life. Both campers and leaders are ready for this downtime after the summer adventures.


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