2019: We’re Just Getting Started! (And How You Can Help Today!)

Rich BirchChristmas Campaign

In 2019, we celebrate 73 years of ministry. While God has done so much to celebrate over the years, we believe that He’s just getting started in what He wants to do through the life of this ministry!

If you’ve been connected to Mini-Yo-We for one year,  ten years, or for most of your life, you know the impact this place and community can have on you. We believe that God wants to do so much more through Camp Mini-Yo-We in the coming years, and we’re excited to see what happens in 2019!

Our prayer for this year at Mini-Yo-We is that we’ll see more impact and change than ever before. Specifically, we’re praying that we’ll see:

Heading into 2019, we’re focusing on two strategically important areas that we believe will help support all the amazing things we anticipate for the year. We’re funding these areas through our special 2018 Christmas Campaign designed to help us launch into the new year in a strong way!

Accelerate our Leadership Development Pathway Programs

  • Our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. For 2019, we’re making some changes to three of our leadership pathway programs to help us develop better leaders:
    • LIT // We’re adding 12 months of development opportunities including monthly check-ins, one-on-one coaching sessions with our leadership development staff, and three weekend retreats in addition to the six week summer program.
    • Enterprise // This program has grown by 30%, and we want to increase our staffing, improve the Enterprise accommodations, and provide more follow-up after the summer.
    • Mini-Yo-We Internship // We’re adding new monthly leadership development experiences for our year-round interns to help provide more value to this vitally important community of leaders at Mini-Yo-We!

Kick-off Our Washroom Revitalization Project

  • We have four washrooms at Mini-Yo-We that are in their fifth decade of operation! These facilities have served us well, but now it’s time to revitalize these washrooms to serve us for the future. Imagine a family washroom at your house that has lived past it’s time; now imagine it gets used by 2,500 kids every summer! Our goal is to fund one washroom to be completed in the spring of 2019. Your donation to the Christmas Campaign will help us get this project done! Our new revitalized washrooms include:
    • Easy to clean surfaces to make it easier for our teams
    • Up-to-date accessibility requirements
    • Separate sides for campers and staff
    • Reducing our environmental impact with low flush toilets and more

We need your help!

We’re excited for what’s going to happen in 2019, but we need your help! We are in the final days of our 2018 Christmas Campaign, and our goal is to raise $98,000 before midnight on Monday, December 31st, 2018. We still need help from friends like you to meet our goal for this year.

We’re looking for the members of our Camp family to join this year’s campaign. We rely on your generous support to fund these important areas. Take a look at this giving chart to see how you can help us reach our goal!

Your gift would go a long way to ensure a strong launch into 2019. Follow this link to learn more and to make a donation now.