Invite Your Friends For Summer 2023!

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You love Camp Mini-Yo-We, right? You’re excited that your kids are coming to Mini-Yo-We this summer, right? So why not share it with a friend! We’ve said it before that Camp is better with friends, and we are on a mission to make is as easy as possible for you to share the Camp experience!

During our New For 2023 Online Event we unveiled a brand new referral program for 2023! Check out this quick re-cap clip where we highlight some big changes!

2023 Referral Program Video Re-Cap

Get a Big Discount!

We’ve completed revamped the referral program for Summer 2023! Here is what you can expect:

  • Friend #1 // Your first time your referral code is used earns you a $100 discount off the cost of camp!
  • Friend #2 // Your second referral earns you an additional $200 discount for a total discount of $300 off the cost of camp!
  • Friend #3 // Your third (and any additional) referral earns you an additional $300 discount for a total discount of $600+ off the cost of camp!

On top of this every new camper you refer also gets $10 in credits at the tuck shop. It’s a win-win!

It Ends December 31st!

Unlike past years the referral program in 2023 is running from November 1st to December 31st. Know a friend who is interested in Camp? Invite them today!

Five Ways to Invite Friends!

  • Pass Along An Invite Card // If you are already registered for 2023, you will receive three invite cards to give to your friends. Take these cards to the school yard when you pick up your kids and talk with that parent you’d like to invite! Or stop by your neighbour’s place in the evening and give them a card. BONUS: If they use your unique referral code on the card to register, they will get $10 in FREE TUCK for their kids.
  • Send Our Pre-Written Email // Go to and use our pre-written email for inviting your friends to Camp! Just make sure to add your unique family referral code and you’re ready to go!
  • Share Custom Social Graphics // Our team is willing to design custom graphics with your family’s unique referral code on them as a way to get the word out and invite your friends on Facebook and Instagram! Just send an email to and let him know you’re interested!
  • Email Them a Cool Video // Have you seen our videos on YouTube? We have a wide variety of videos that are super easy for you to share. Just find a video and then email (or even text) a link to a friend. Asking your friends to check out a Camp video is a great way to tell (and show!) your friends why you and your kids love Mini-Yo-We so much. Here are some direct links to videos you might want to share:
  • Just Ask! // Are you excited that your kids are coming to Camp Mini-Yo-We this summer? Share that with your friends! If their kids aren’t signed up for a camp this summer, ask them to come with your kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but people want to hear from you!