The Amazing Race Canada at Camp Mini-Yo-We!

Camp MYWBlog

This year, the seventh season of The Amazing Race Canada finished at Camp Mini-Yo-We. The producers of the show were looking for the quintessential Muskoka kids camp, and they chose us! It was our joy to host the final Pit Stop of this popular reality TV show, but part of our arrangement with the show was that we couldn’t tell anyone about this exciting opportunity! We loved watching the Anthony and James cross the finish line after their journey across Canada.

“It was so exciting that our location was selected for this first time that The Amazing Race has been in Muskoka! We think our property is pretty special, but this is a huge validation from the producers of this show!” said Jez Bell, Director of the Outdoor Centre at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

This season of The Amazing Race Canada was the first since Season 1 to feature all of its Pit Stops within Canada. What a massive compliment for Camp Mini-Yo-We that we were chosen as the climax for this year’s race of exclusively Canadian locations!

“Camp Mini-Yo-We was the perfect location for a finale-mat on The Amazing Race Canada. We always seek out locations that are private so that we can keep the results secret until September, and so it’s a bit tough to find for the racers. Camp Mini-Yo-We provided this and more—the wood cabins and main lodge were beautifully contrasted by the sandy beach and lake-front vista provided by the scenic location of the camp. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!” said Jon Montgomery, the long-time host of The Amazing Race Canada.

It’s not a surprise to us that The Amazing Race Canada chose to top off its seventh season in Muskoka. There are so many reasons people choose to come and experience Muskoka every year. A few of those reasons are:

  • The Views // The sunsets over the lakes, trees, and rocks of the rustic Canadian shield leave no doubt of the stunning beauty of this area. People come from all over the world to see our backyard!
  • Water Fun // There are so many ways to have fun on the lake! Whether it’s jumping off a splash tower, wakeboarding, canoeing, sailing or more, a core of the Muskoka experience is playing in the lake!
  • Forest Landscapes // With over 250 acres of land at Camp Mini-Yo-We, we have so much forest to explore! Our guests can enjoy hiking with a friend or racing along our trails on a mountain bike; we have lots of ways to experience the woods at Camp.
  • It’s “Away”// We think that every childhood should include summers in Muskoka! Get away from the city. Unplug. Enjoy time with your friends and family. Breathe.

Camp Mini-Yo-We is the ultimate Muskoka getaway! Whether you rent our facility for your group or send your kids to us this summer, we’d love you to see for yourself why The Amazing Race Canada picked us to host their finale! For more information visit