4 Exciting Opportunities For You (& Your Family) at Camp Mini-Yo-We

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Feel like your family could benefit from a FREE day away in Muskoka

Interested in a fun way that your family could contribute to making the Mini-Yo-We experience better for others? 

Are you Mini-Yo-We alumni and want to relive a time-honoured tradition at Camp?

Or perhaps you’re searching for a fulfilling way to volunteer and give back to our community with friends this summer? 

Check out these four fantastic opportunities just for you and your family to jump in the car and come to Camp Mini-Yo-We in the coming weeks! 

Open House on June 4th

Imagine having the chance to bring your kids, their family & friends on a lively tour of Mini-Yo-We. Our Open House event on June 4th allows you to do just that. It’s not only a fun-filled afternoon, but it’s also a unique opportunity to get acquainted with our setup, facilities, and environment. Experience the vibrancy of Mini-Yo-We even before the summer begins! To join, visit campmyw.com/openhouse

Work Party on June 17th

Ever wished for a family activity that is engaging, fun, and contributes to a great cause? Our Work Party on June 17th brings you exactly that. You can join us in preparing the camp for the summer. Whether it’s cutting grass, painting, or gardening, it’s a chance for you and your family to bond over activities that directly contribute to making Mini-Yo-We happen. Get all the information & register at campmyw.com/workparty

Camp Naming Ceremonies on June 30th

What’s in a name, you ask? At Camp Mini-Yo-We, a lot! For almost 80 years, our new staff members have been given a special Camp Name, in a memorable rite of passage. This year, we’re extending an invitation to our alumni and donors to join us for this special event on the evening of June 30th. This is your chance to be a part of a tradition that spans decades and to connect with Camp in a profound, historical way. Register today at campmyw.com/2023naming

Weekend Warriors – All Summer Long! 

Are you looking for a rewarding and active way to spend your weekends? Weekend Warriors is a volunteer initiative that allows you to help with operational tasks on Saturdays and with Opening Day on Sundays. It’s a fulfilling opportunity to give back to Mini-Yo-We, and have a lot of fun! We had a blast with our Weekend Warriors last summer, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you too. Sign up at campmyw.com/weekendwarriors

Each of these opportunities provides a unique way for you to engage with and contribute to Camp Mini-Yo-We. You can expect nothing less than enjoyable experiences, and memorable moments as you interact with our incredible community. We can’t wait to see you here, helping make Mini-Yo-We happen.