What is a Mini-Yo-We Program Theme?

Each week our Program Team goes above and beyond to incorporate a unique theme for our campers. They create silly characters, funny storylines, and awesome activities that all revolve around a central theme such as “Pirate Shipwreck” or “Adventures Around The World”. Campers learn their theme two weeks before they arrive in their “Get Excited” camper mailing.

Costumes & Characters

Our staff team loves to dress up and create props that go along with the weekly theme! Don’t hesitate to bring a costume that fits the weekly theme!

Mini-Yo-We Magic

Program themes are part of what makes Mini-Yo-We so special! Our team has decades of experience creating magical experiences for campers based on their theme.

Friday = Special Day

On Fridays the Program Team pulls out all the stops for the climax of our weekly theme! Spoiler: This is usually when we defeat the bad guys, solve the mystery and save Camp!

2022 Program Themes!

Keep an eye out for your "Get Excited" camper package two weeks before Camp! If you don't receive it, you can always check out the theme for your week (and all our weeks) down below!