5 Ways to Invite Friends to Summer 2020

Spencer Tamming Blog

You love Camp Mini-Yo-We, right? You’re excited that your kids are coming to Mini-Yo-We this summer, right? So why not share it with a friend! We’ve said it before that Camp is better with friends, and we are on a mission to make is as easy as possible for you to share the Camp experience!

We also want to reward you for inviting friends to Camp! Did you know that if you refer three new campers for Summer 2020, your child gets a second week FREE!? It’s a win-win! Your friends get to come to Mini-Yo-We and your kid gets to come for a second week! Your friends also get some sweet perks like $10.00 in FREE tuck money (and they fall under our First-Time Camper Money-Back Guarantee)!

Within a few days of registering you will get a referral code that you can send out to family and friends. Your code can be used anytime before June 30th and we’ll update you along the way with how many referrals you have.

Here are 5 ways you can invite your friends for Summer 2020:

  • Pass Along An Invite Card // If you are already registered for 2020, you should have received three invite cards to give to your friends. Take these cards to the school yard when you pick up your kids and talk with that parent you’d like to invite! Or stop by your neighbour’s place in the evening and give them a card. BONUS: If they use your unique referral code on the card to register, they will get $10 in FREE TUCK for their kids.
  • Have Us Send Them a Brochure // Did you know that our office is more than happy to mail a physical brochure to your friends? It’s the perfect way to invite your friends and have their kids join yours at Mini-Yo-We this summer. Just drop by our online form, let us know their address, and we’ll send one out right away!
  • Like, Comment, and Share Facebook Posts // We will be posting all kinds of fun stuff all month long on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on the page and share the content that you like with your friends. Tag your friends in a post or two this month and directly invite them to bring their kids to Camp this summer. (Don’t forget to share your unique referral code so they can get FREE tuck too!)
  • Email Them a Cool Video // Have you seen our videos on YouTube? We have a wide variety of videos that are super easy for you to share. Just find a video and then email (or even text) a link to a friend. Asking your friends to check out a Camp video is a great way to tell (and show!) your friends why you and your kids love Mini-Yo-We so much. Here are some direct links to videos you might want to share:
  • Just Ask! // Are you excited that your kids are coming to Camp Mini-Yo-We this summer? Share that with your friends! If their kids aren’t signed up for a camp this summer, ask them to come with your kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but people want to hear from you!