How to Get Hired at Camp Mini-Yo-We for Summer 2023

Hannah HansonSummer Staff

Are you interested in a summer job that is designed to help you grow in your faith, leadership and character? My name is Hannah Hanson and I oversee our summer hiring here at Camp Mini-Yo-We. I’d love to walk you through the process all the way from “Should I apply?” to “Welcome aboard!”

Let’s dive in!

How the Hiring Process Works

Step 1 // Fill Out the Application

First things first, even if you still have lots of questions, fill out an application form! This gets you in our system and lets us know you are interested in joining our team.

The application is a helpful tool, not a high-pressure exam! Don’t stress yourself out too much over this part of the process. Filling out the application gives us an idea of who you are, your skills and interests, and your true motivation behind serving with us this summer. It gives us a foundation for conversation in the interview.

You will be asked to fill out relevant school and work experience, contact information and answer a series of questions to help us figure out which role best aligns with your heart, experience and skill set.

Don’t worry about knowing exactly which role you are applying for or the exact dates you are available – we will talk that through once we receive your application. Those questions give us an indication of what you are looking for.

Step 2 // Follow Up

WOOHOO, you applied! What happens now? Check your inbox (or spam) for an email that lays out your next steps. At this stage, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Contact your references // A link will be provided for you to send to three people who can each testify to your current character. The goal here is for us to get a wider picture of your strengths, experience and capacity for growth. When your references fill out the form, it comes through to me and is uploaded to your profile. Getting these in before your interview is a great way to keep the process moving along without delays!
    • One must be a spiritual reference, such as a youth pastor or mentor.
    • The other two can be teachers, coaches or adult family friends.
  2. Book your interview // A link will be provided for you to book a conversation with me that works for your schedule. We set aside 45 minutes for the interview to give time to chat without being rushed, answer all of your questions and talk through next steps so you leave the conversation with a clear picture.

Step 3 // Interview

This is my favourite part because I get to connect with you and chat about your hopes and dreams for the summer! During the interview, we will:

  • Talk through what summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We looks like,
  • Explore the different opportunities and experiences we have available,
  • Chat about your experiences, skills and heart for leadership,
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you may have,
  • Finalize your next steps in the process.

If your references are all in and our conversation goes well, you may be offered a job on the phone! If you are, we will follow up immediately with a contract outlining your role, dates and pay for you to read over and sign. If we are still waiting on your references’ forms, we will contact you once they are complete with your job offer and contract.

Tips for the interview:

  • Don’t stress // I want to get to know you and hear more about what is drawing you to serve with us this summer.
  • Offer details // The more information you give in response, the better! I want to understand your heart and vision as clearly as possible.
  • Bring questions // This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions to deepen your understanding of what we do and how you can grow with us.

Step 4 // Paperwork

This is the final part of the process! Now that you have been offered a job, there are a few things that we, as your employer, require from you. You will be contacted by our team with a list of paperwork for you to complete and send back. The required documents will vary depending on your age, your role and how long you are serving with us.

As soon as you have sent in all your paperwork, the hiring process will be complete! Welcome aboard!

Join Us

By saying “yes” to this experience, you are paving the way for Jesus to transform your life, grow your confidence and leadership, and connect you with life-long friends who are cheering for you year-round as a community. I’d love to work alongside you and learn from you this summer, so please reach out and get connected today:

  • Follow us on Instagram // Along with our main account, we also have a Mini-Yo-We staff account account where we post updates, event details and opportunities for connection!
  • Apply today // Even if you are on the fence right now, I encourage you to fill out an application. I’d love to connect with you once you do to answer any questions and find a place for you on our team!

Please reach out directly to me if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way: Hannah Hanson (