Help Adult Volunteers Developing Tomorrow's Leaders at Mini-Yo-We

Your Generous Gift Will Unlock Facility Upgrades for Camp Mini-Yo-We's Adult Volunteers!

GOAL: $500,000 by December 31, 2022

Your Gift in 2022 Will Encourage Volunteers for Decades!

Every summer over 200 hard-working adult volunteers serve as food service, medical and facility team members. This campaign aims to upgrade their living accommodations and bathroom facilities dramatically as a thank you for their critically important work.


Completely Renovated Bunkies

"Bunkie row" at Girls Camp is getting a huge facelift! Fresh new interior design and furnishings include a new bed, dresser and side table. Plus a ceiling fan to help on hot summer nights!


New Public Washroom

Including 8 private stalls and 4 showers with state-of-the-art features, such as always-ready hot water and low-flush toilets. This washroom serves most of our Adult Volunteers at Girls Camp!

Volunteers Serve Long Days

Our cooks start early in the mornings to ensure delicious meals are ready for our campers. New accommodations will provide a more comfortable place for them to relax and rest after serving with us.

Some Days Are Messier Than Others

Our facility volunteers do everything from cleaning washrooms to making repairs around the site to painting to keep things fresh–and more! The new private washroom facilities will provide a great place for our team to freshen up after a day's work. (As a bonus, we've designed these washrooms to be easy to clean!)

It's Time for an Upgrade

The old staff washroom is well beyond its operational life. Our volunteer bunkies need some love. Your gift in 2022 will help us move forward with a brand new setup.

Mini-Yo-We Doesn't Happen Without Volunteers

Our adult volunteers are critical to the operation of Camp. We need to provide facilities that match the importance of what these team members do! This campaign is a step in that direction.

Words from a Few Volunteers…

"I found the volunteer experience to be thoroughly rewarding. The support provided by the team was invaluable. I also appreciated the tokens of gratitude. These were very thoughtful."
Scott G.

"I have been involved with Camp for over 4 years. It was important to my spiritual development as a child and leadership development as a young adult. I love the impact it has on my children. A week in the kitchen is fun and a small way that I can give back to what I experienced and my children continue to receive."
Rishia B.

"I prefer to think of volunteering as a short-term mission that helps enable God's work to continue to flourish at Camp–a place He used in my youth to call me into a relationship with Himself and a place I pray he will continue to use to impact the next generation."
Jason N.

Tour the New Public Washroom

See inside this upgraded facility that will serve generations of adult volunteers. 

Peak Inside the New Volunteer Bunkies

Your gift will bring this significantly upgraded "home away from home" to volunteers staying on Girls' Camp Bunkie Row!

Your Gift in 2022 Will Encourage Volunteers for Decades!

Your gift before December 31, 2022 will help unlock decades of encouragement for our adult volunteers!