AGES 5-9

8:15 AM – 6:15 PM


Discovery Day Camp provides fun for boys and girls ages 5-9 from 8:15 AM-6:15 PM (Monday to Friday). Campers join in for all three meals, experience two activity periods, go to the tuck shop, swim in Mary Lake and more! Bus transportation is provided from Huntsville and Bracebridge.

Dates, Rates & Registration

Instruction Periods

Day campers pick 2 instructions to do each day all week!

Instructions are limited by sex, age, and week of the summer. Download our 2020 Instruction List PDF for details.

Core Instructions:

What’s Not to Love?

Comprehensive Price

The cost includes 3 meals as well as busing to and from Huntsville or Bracebridge providing an extra convenience for parents!

Perfect for 1st Timers

Day Camp is the perfect way to try Camp out and experience a wide range of activities for locals or cottagers in the area.

Try-It-All Activities

Experience two new camp activities every day such as a nature walk, water sports, kayaking, crafts, scooters and more!

Extended Hours

New for Summer 2021 we have extended the Day Camp hours from 8:15 AM to 6:15 PM enabling campers to stay for all three meals!

Mini-Yo-We Exclusives

Some things you can ONLY do at Mini-Yo-We! Explore Dead Man’s Island, hike to the treehouse or splash down The Plunge waterslide!

Safety First

The safety of our campers is our first priority. We’re focusing on opening Camp safely and in accordance with government regulations.

2020 Dates & Rates

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