What is a Mini-Yo-We Program Theme?

Each week our Program Team goes above and beyond to incorporate a unique theme for our campers. They create silly characters, funny storylines, and awesome activities that all revolve around a central theme such as "Pirate Shipwreck" or "Adventures Around The World". Campers learn their theme two weeks before they arrive in their "Get Excited" camper mailing.

Costumes & Characters

Our staff team loves to dress up and create props that go along with the weekly theme! Don't hesitate to bring a costume that fits the weekly theme!

Mini-Yo-We Magic

Program themes are part of what makes Mini-Yo-We so special! Our team has decades of experience creating magical experiences for campers based on their theme.

Friday = Special Day

On Fridays the Program Team pulls out all the stops for the climax of our weekly theme! Spoiler: This is usually when we defeat the bad guys, solve the mystery and save Camp!

2022 Program Themes!

Keep an eye out for your "Get Excited" camper package two weeks before Camp! If you don't receive it, you can always check out the theme for your week (and all our weeks) down below!



Weeks 1 & 4

Embark on a thrilling adventure at Discovery Camp's "The Great Mini-Yo-We Merger" – a week-long immersive experience that combines cutting-edge synergy with dynamic teamwork. Our junior entrepreneurs must navigate a labyrinth of strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions. Leveraging innovative problem-solving, collaborative spirit and a shared passion for growth, our heroes will prevail by forging a robust and sustainable partnership that benefits all stakeholders. Get ready to experience a very standard business practice that is totally normal where nothing could ever go wrong…

Weeks 2 & 6

Set off on an exciting "Jungle Journey" at Discovery Camp, as our daring campers hop aboard a magical jungle cruise to explore the mysterious depths of a vibrant rainforest. When we run into some unexpected problems, Discovery Camp will need to navigate the exotic flora and fauna, decipher cryptic clues, and unravel the secrets of the jungle. With teamwork, courage and a spirit of adventure, our campers will band together to overcome challenges and safely make our way back home. Get ready for a week of unexpected plot twists and adventure.

Weeks 3 & 7

You are cordially invited to take a seat as a knight at our Mini-Yo-We round table. We will be embarking on a regal adventure in a week-long tale of valor, camaraderie and intrigue. We must warn you, tensions are running high in the royal realm. As chivalrous heroes, these gallant campers must employ wit, teamwork and determination to restore harmony and reclaim their realm from the clutches of greed, forging everlasting friendships and unforgettable memories along the way.

Week 5

Join us for a thrilling adventure this week at camp, as we journey into the magical world of a grocery store. But this is no ordinary store – at the Discovery Camp Grocery Store, the produce comes to life in a world where every ingredient plays a vital role in maintaining balance and harmony. But when an evil shopping cart arrives and threatens to disrupt the harmony, it's up to us to face the challenge. We'll need your bravery and authority to face the obstacles ahead and restore the once peaceful atmosphere. So pack your bags and get ready for a fun-filled week of adventure at the one and only Discovery Camp Grocery Store!


Weeks 1 & 4

Dive into an exhilarating wilderness journey at Boys Camp's "Man vs. Wild" week! Tackle the relentless wild as you outwit, outlast and outplay the most formidable challenges that the untamed wilderness has to offer. As villainous forces of nature threaten to eliminate Boys Camp, join forces with your fellow campers to become the ultimate wilderness warriors. Unleash your inner survivalist, forge unbreakable bonds and conquer the wild unknown in this adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding escapade. Are you ready to answer the call of the wild and be the hero that Boys Camp needs? The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

Weeks 2 & 5

Get ready to blast through time, dudes! At "History's Greatest" Boys Camp, you'll join forces with fellow time-traveling campers to unlock the secrets of the past. No one said time-travel would be easy… Jump between epic eras and team up with great legends of the past. Together, we'll rise as heroes and save the timeline from total chaos. Gear up for the most legendary adventure ever, where you and your crew will become the true champions of history!

Weeks 3 & 7

Welcome to the high-stakes world of “Monopoly Week” at Boys Camp, where adventure and capitalism collide! Throughout this thrilling week, you'll join forces with your fellow campers to take on the cunning and ruthless world of business. The possibilities are endless in the Boys Camp Economy! Strategize epic real estate deals, create a first class business, sell your new invention or maybe try your chance in the Mini-Yo-We Stock Exchange. Conquer challenges and outsmart your opponents. Are you ready to become the ultimate tycoon? Will you bring prosperity to your camp? Roll the dice and let the adventure begin!

Week 6

Unleash your inner secret agent at the action-packed "Spy Party" at Boys Camp Intelligence Agency! Get ready for a week-long adrenaline rush as you and your fellow campers join forces with the most elite agents of our time! Double agents seek to dismantle Boys Camp. Who will you trust? Who will you outwit? Hone your stealth skills and become masters of deception and espionage. With high-tech gadgets, mind-blowing missions and camaraderie, you'll prove that nothing can stop you from achieving the ultimate victory!


Week 1 & 4

Get ready for a rad adventure at Girls Camp's "Blast to the Past"! This week, we'll time-hop through history, rocking with courageous campers as they face the notorious villain, Chrono Chaos. With groovy gadgets and gnarly teamwork, our fierce time-travellers will embark on a totally tubular quest to get back to camp after being lost in time! So, grab your scrunchies, slap bracelets and your retro Mini-Yo-We gear and let's kick it old school in this epic, time-tastic journey where Girl Power reigns supreme!

Week 2 & 6

Welcome to "Wacky Workplace," a thrilling Girls Camp adventure where you'll dive into the craziest, weirdest, wackiest jobs you have ever seen! This week-long escapade will immerse you in a quirky corporate world where teamwork and creativity are key. With a promotion on the line, who will be the lucky winner? Our heroines, the Girls Campers, must band together to stop the chaos after competitions, alliance’s and sabotage bring this thriving workplace to a halt. Amidst a maze of cubicles, sticky notes and paper airplanes you'll find team work, empowerment and the secret to bring chaos back into order! So, grab your friends, sharpen your pencils and dive into this epic showdown at the Wacky Workplace!

Week 3 & 7

Get ready for a wild week of jungle escapades at Girls Camp, as we embark on the thrilling "Queen of the Jungle" adventure! Our brave campers will band together as fierce jungle queens to navigate the lush terrain, tackle daring challenges and race around twisting labyrinths. Who will find the key to becoming the Queen of the Jungle? Along the way, you'll bond with your fellow jungle friends, decode ancient riddles and unleash your inner warrior. Prepare for epic showdowns, heart-pounding quests and deep jungle treasures all to make memories that'll last a lifetime. So, grab your fellow explorers and let's conquer the untamed jungle together at this year's Girls Camp!

Week 5

Get ready for an action-packed Toy Story adventure at Girls Camp, as we celebrate "Jessie's Birthday Bash"! Join your fellow campers and take on the role of brave and spirited cowgirls, uniting for a rootin'-tootin' birthday bonanza like never before. Over the course of the week, you'll face a cunning and crafty villain threatening to put a damper on our beloved Jessie's big day. Through teamwork, courage and the power of friendship, you'll embark on exciting quests, solve mysterious puzzles and learn valuable life lessons as you ride through camp with the wind in your hair. The week's thrilling activities will culminate in the spectacular Miss Mini-Yo-We pageant, where each cabin will showcase their creativity and uniqueness, celebrating the extraordinary qualities that make you shine! Don't miss this epic celebration of girl power, determination and camaraderie that will take you to infinity and beyond! Yee-haw!

Coming Soon... 2024 Themes!

We are launching our themes at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 13.

Join us for the webinar to discover the themes for this summer!