Youth Camps

Co-ed, Ages 14-18

Youth Camps at Mini-Yo-We are focused on outdoor recreation, personal development, and fantastic experiences. These are often the “next step” for older campers as they look for whats next after Boys Camp and Girls Camp. Teens have the opportunity to experience a 10-day canoe trip, develop their waters sports skills, or spend the last week of the summer at PRiME!

These three camps are led by a mature staff team that focus on helping to develop campers spiritually, physically, and mentally during their time at Camp. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor adventure, biblical teaching, and camp life all in one. We guarantee you’ll have fun and  make great memories, and


The perfect camp for the water sport enthuastic! Spend the week on the water with a focus on wakeboarding or sailing, all at our exclusive Northwoods facility.

Northwoods Trip

A 10-day canoe trip for those who just can't get enough of the outdoors. Our qualified trip leaders balance adventure, safety, teaching, and fun.


Enterprise is our junior leadership program for teens age 14-16. It's a two week program focused on servant leadership, friendship, and biblical instruction!