Activity Periods

Before Camp each camper gets to sign up for two skilled-based activities that they will participate in every day. Activities are each 1 hour long and are taught by Camp Mini-Yo-We Instructors. Instructors are trained during our skills week at the beginning of the summer and strive to help campers develop skills, stretch their abilities, and bring them to the next level.

Please note that some activities have age restrictions, require you to bring equipment or have an additional cost.

Activity Options

The following activity options are included in the cost of Camp and are offered all weeks of the summer. Click on an activity to learn more.

Specialty Activities

Specialty activities take camp to the next level! These activites required specially train staff and special equipment. All specialty activites have an additional cost and are some are only offered certain weeks. Click to learn more.


Learn how to hit a bull’s eye with a bow and arrow! Instructors will teach you proper stance, technique, and how to aim. Safety is a priority at our archery range and all children are taught Camp’s safety protocols before they start shooting.

Instructors have received Camp Mini-Yo-We training and make each period fun by incorporating different games and activities into the period.


Spend your afternoon on beautiful Mary Lake learning how to canoe! Instructors teach the parts of the canoe, how to paddle, sterning techniques, and how to perform a canoe rescue in open water. You may even take a trip to the island!

Instructors have taken Camp Mini-Yo-We training, often have participated in canoe trips themselves, and have at minimum their Canadian Life Saving Society Bronze Cross certification.


Campers learn how to master a kayak during their week at Camp! Instructors teach how to enter a kayak, proper paddling technique, and ways to navigate. Advanced campers may even try wet exits and and performing a roll in open water. Classes take trips around the lake and sometimes even visit the island.

We’ve got all the equipment needed including kayaks, paddles, and life jackets – and they’re all your size! Instructors have Camp Mini-Yo-We training and at minimum their Canadian Life Saving Society Bronze Cross certification.

Mountain Biking

Sign up for mountain biking and campers will spend activity period in Camp’s beautiful forests riding on over 9 kilometers of biking trails. Campers learn proper riding technique, parts of the bike, safe-riding practices, and how to set up and clean a bike. Whether you’re riding Thrafty’s Secret, Tree House Trail, or Wavy Gravy, we’re confident you’ll have a blast. More advanced activities include mastering the jump trail and traversing stair systems around the property.

What to Bring: We supply the bike and helmets, just don’t forget closed toe shoes and a water bottle!

Campers are welcome to bring to bring their own bike and helmet. Please note that all personal equipment will be stored in the bike shed and used only during supervised activity periods.

Swimming Lessons

Swimmers spend the week in Mary Lake working towards their next Life Saving Society swimming level. Instructors are certified by the Canadian Life Saving Society and work with your children regardless of their swimming ability. Waterfronts have both shallow and deep sections accommodating a wide-range of swimming levels.

Wilderness Adventure

Campers spend activity period in Camp’s forests hiking, building a campfire, making a shelter, and identifying different plants and wildlife. Campers will likely have the opportunity to see a deer and perhaps even a wild turkey! The wilderness adventure cabin is home base and the out-tripping shed is stocked with all the supplies you’ll need for your adventure.

What to Bring: hiking boots or shoes, bug spray.

Rock Climbing

Age Restriction: 12 years old by Dec. 31st

Campers spend the afternoon on our natural and indoor rock walls learning how to climb! Instructors teach different types of knots, proper safety protocols, how to belay, and how to climb. With 9 natural rock climbing routes we’re sure you’ll continue to be challenged throughout the week.

What to Bring: Closed toe shoes! Campers will not be allowed to climb without proper footwear.

High Ropes

Age Restriction: 12 years old by Dec. 31st

During high ropes campers learn what it means to push themselves on Camp’s various high-rope elements ! Climbing the vertical playground, taking a “leap of faith” 40 feet off the ground, or testing your stomach on the giant swing are all included. We also have a number of low-rope elements that are designed to develop team work amongst campers. All ropes elements are “challenge by choice” meaning campers are encouraged but never forced to step out of their comfort zone.

What to Bring: Closed toe shoes! Campers will not be allowed to try various elements without proper footwear.


Age Restriction: 11 years old by Dec. 31st

Double Period: This is a double period activity filling two activity slots.

Set sail on Mary Lake! Campers will learn how to rig and steer a sailboat with their friends. Over the week they’ll learn everything they need to know to sail a small, three-person Pico sailboat. We also teach how to tie nautical knots and proper boating safety. Staff have taking Mini-Yo-We training, have their Ontario Boating License and at minimum their Life Saving Society Bronze Cross certification.


Age Restriction: 12 years old by Dec. 31st

Get ready to ride the waves of Mary Lake while learning how to windsurf! Campers are taught how to rig a board, balance themselves, and sail standing up. Our lakefront has the perfect combination of shallow water for learning and the open lake for perfecting one’s skill.

Staff have taking Mini-Yo-We training and at minimum their Life Saving Society Bronze Cross certification.


The skatepark is the perfect place to practice your skill on a skateboard, scooter, or inline skates. Whether it’s their first time or they’re an experience skater, the skatepark is always a blast! Campers learn proper safety equipment, how to skate, and basic tricks. Camp’s skatepark has various obstacles including an enclosed half-pipe, as well as various ramps, rails, and fun boxes.

What to Bring: Campers are required to bring their own skateboards, scooters, and inline skates. Due to limited protective gear we encourage campers to also bring their own safety equipment to ensure it all properly fit. This includes pads and helmets.


Cost: $315.00

Weeks Available: July 16-22, July 30-Aug 5, August 13-19, Aug 20-26

Double Period: This is a double period activity filling two activity slots.

Horsemanship is a fantastic way to experience the community of girls camp while also learning how to ride! Camp Mini-Yo-We has partnered with Back of Beyond Equine Centre, a nearby stable, to provide quality instruction for beginning to intermediate riders. If you are looking for an advanced program involving high jumps or professional trotting, this likely is not for you.

Throughout the week campers will have 3 hours a day (Monday to Friday) where they have the opportunity to learn how to ride, communicate with horses, develop leadership abilities, and work as a team within the presence of horses. Back and Beyond is passionate about housing rescue horses and using them to teach campers true horsemanship and Christian principles.

Campers are required to bring boots/riding shoes with a single heel as well as pants for riding. Additional equipment is optional and not required.

Voyageur Canoe Trip

Cost: $70.00

Age Restriction: 12 years old by Dec. 31st

Weeks Available: July 9-15, July 23-29, Aug 6-12

A three day introductory canoe trip for girls looking to try something new! Campers are driven to a nearby lake where they are sent off to travel 3 days, ultimately ending up back at Camp. The route is fantastic, the leaders are encouraging and kind, and adventure is around every corner.

Trip leaders are carefully selected and trained in tripping skills, safety procedures, and how to cook. They also carry a SPOT communication device in case of an emergency. Due to the location of the trip help is never far away.

What to Bring: Voyageur Canoe Trip Packing List


Cost: $35.00

Weeks Available: All Weeks!

Each week different craft options are available for campers including ceramics, silk screening, and leather work. All materials are included in the price.

See a list of crafts that campers have made over the years!


Cost: $35.00

Weeks Available: All Weeks!

Photography is great for the camper that loves to take pictures! Our instructors will guide you in fundamental photography and lighting techniques, as well as how to use your camera to take the best pictures possible! Camp provides an incredible backdrop and subject matter for your photographs.

Not only will you learn great techniques by the end of the week, campers also have an amazing picture to show everyone back at home. We take your best print and frame it for you!

Campers are required to bring their own camera, batteries, battery charger, USB cord, and memory card. Additional batteries and a spare memory card at optional.


Cost: $230.00

Age Restriction: 12 years old by Dec. 31st

Weeks Available: July 9-15, July 16-22, July 23-29, July 30-August 5, August 20-26

Spend your week on Mary lake enjoying the thrill of high-speed action on a wakeboard. Our qualified instructors cater the program to all skill sets and abilities, so whether you’re just starting out, or working on inverts and spins, this may be the option for you! All equipment is included in the price.

Note: The wakeboarding specialty activity at Girls Camp is a very different program from our co-ed Wake/Sail Camp. This is a youth camp dedicated to water instructions including both wakeboarding and sailing.

Theatre Arts

Cost: $35.00

Weeks Available: July 16-22, July 23-29

Double Period: This is a double period activity filling two activity slots.

Theatre arts is an incredible opportunity for girls to grow in singing, dancing, acting, or all three! Campers learn techniques to improve their performance and work together to put on an incredible production on Friday night for the other campers.

Everything needed is included in the price!