First Time Overnight?

Is this your child’s first time at overnight camp? We understand that it isn’t always easy for children or their parents.

Here are a few ways we’ve tried to make the transition easier!


Discovery Camp Express is the perfect program in-between day camps and overnight camps. It runs from Sunday until Wednesday and is fully integrated with our overnight programming. Children get the full Camp experience but only need to commit until Wednesday.

We will give you a call on Tuesday night and let you know how the week has been and how your son and daughter has been adjusting to Discovery Camp. You get to make the call on whether they stay until Saturday – no pressure!

The vast majority of our express campers end up staying for the remainder of the week. Sometimes it just takes a taste of Camp life before you realize you never want to leave!


Camp’s Open House is a great way for parents and children to experience Camp together for the first time. The open house is always the last weekend an May. You can RSVP on our Open House page.

Tours: Take a guided tour of our summer cabins, the dining lodge, program areas, and more. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you feel familiar around the site before you leave.

Staff: We would love to meet you before the summer! Come and get to know the Discovery Camp director and some of our summer staff! It will be one more face you will recognize on opening day.

Instructions: Come and try some camp activities so you’ll know what is offered during the summer. We often open up canoeing, kayaking, archery, biking, and more during open house. Check a full list of activities on our event page!