4 Reasons You Should Register for 2018 During Summer 2017!
July 17, 2017

We want your family to register for the summer of 2018 today! We know that sounds a little nuts because we’re still in the summer of 2017 but it's all because of popular demand. Check out the top 4 reasons why!

5 Reasons to Invest in Sending Your Teens to PRiME 2017
June 7, 2017

We want your teens at PRiME this Summer! We believe it’s a worthwhile investment for you to make in the life of your student. Our team is working hard to make it an amazing week for your teens … it would be a shame for them to miss it!

5 Reasons Why August is the Best Month to Send Your Kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We
May 8, 2017

August is a perfect time to send your kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We. Here, we’ve attempted to capture just a handful of the reasons why these families happily send their kids to us during this time of the year. Check it out!

New for 2017: The Five Story Mini-Yo-We Jump Tower
May 1, 2017

For summer 2017, we’re adding a brand new element for our campers and guests that we are really excited for! The five story high Jump Tower will literally take the essence of adventure to new heights. Find out more!

Episode #6 – Why invest in sending your kids to Camp vs. going on a family vacation?
March 24, 2017

In this episode the ladies discuss why they choose to invest in sending their children to Camp Mini-Yo-We versus a family vacation!

6 Reasons Mini-Yo-We is the Perfect Choice for a First Time Overnight Camper
March 20, 2017

Last summer, we had over 500 campers who have never been at Mini-Yo-We before! Here are a few reasons why so many first time campers love Camp Mini-Yo-We:

Episode #5 – Mini-Yo-We is a Christian Camp… What if I’m not into church and religious stuff?
March 17, 2017

Camp Mini-Yo-We is a Christian camp with bible studies each night, so a lot of parents ask about whether their child will fit in if they aren’t religious. The short answer is they will, but tune in for some more details!

Why Does Summer Start a Week Later at Camp Mini-Yo-We?
March 13, 2017

Our programs start a week later than every other camp that we know of. Find out why in this new Mini-Yo-We blog!

Episode #4 – What’s it like to volunteer at Mini-Yo-We when your kids are campers?
March 10, 2017

Did you know tons of parents volunteer at Camp each summer? Find out some of the pros of spending a week at Camp with your kids!

7 Experiences Exclusive to Camp Mini-Yo-We for Your Kids
March 6, 2017

What are 7 things you can ONLY do at Camp Mini-Yo-We? Check it out in this new blog!