Discovery Camp

Co-ed, Ages 5-9
Discovery Camp is a summer program for children that has been designed just for pint-sized fun on a grand scale. Your swimming area has a special slide just for you. The mountain bikes are just your size. The meals are created with your favorite foods. And the playground is awesome! Kids just can't help but have a blast!

When you arrive, you will choose two activities for the week where you will have fun learning new skills each day. You can choose to canoe, swim to earn your next swimming level, bike on our exciting trails, make crafts, learn new sports, go on a wilderness adventure, dance or join in our fun water sports.

Each morning at Camp Mini-Yo-We, you will also be part of Discovery Camp's unique Bible Mania! In the afternoons, we get silly and have fun doing activities and games that are part of the week's special program theme. Every night after dinner we pack in more fun with games, skits and singing and outdoor adventure. Children love it!
The program will be specially designed for 2 sections: EXPLORERS (ages 5-7) & ADVENTURERS (ages 8-9). This way we can ensure the best, most exciting, age-appropriate activities for your children at Camp.
  • Campers will enjoy activities such as:
  • follow the tracks to the tree house
  • cookout at the island
  • play on the giant playground
  • look for buried treasure at the beach
  • the big bug hunt
  • trampoline tumbling
  • frog catching
  • frilly tea parties
  • trek to the tuck shop
  • and much, much more...

Would your child prefer a half week?  For campers who are younger (and parents who prefer it), we offer a half-week program called Discovery Camp Express where kids can test out camping. This is great for kids who are timid about Camp or have not been away from their parents before: all the fun of Discovery Camp packed into three days. This half-sized program is a great place to start your Camp Mini-Yo-We experience.

Discovery Camp Express campers arrive for the regular 'check-in' time on Sunday at 2pm with all other campers, and will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday at 2pm. However, we've found in many cases each summer that by the time Wednesday comes, the kids don't want to leave!  Not to worry.  If your child is ready for the balance of the full week experience, we might be able to make that happen right then and there!  We allow twelve Express Camper spaces each week -- contact us for more details.
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