Before You Come!

We understand that there is lots to remember when you are getting ready kids ready for summer camp! Consider this page your to-do checklist as you prepare your kid for one amazing week at Camp!


We have a master checklist of everything you need to have a great week at Camp.

Download the Camper Packing List.

Please do not pack cellphones, electronics, food, drugs, alcohol, weapons, or cigarettes. The checklist above contains a complete list of items that are not permitted at Camp.


It is Camp’s policy to check all campers for head lice during the check-in process. Please check your child before leaving to come to Camp. We recommend checking 1 week as well as 1 day before coming to Camp. For help, please refer to the Lice Squad’s helpful document Pre-Camp Head Lice Screening.

You can read about Camp’s lice policy on our Health & Safety page.


It is your child’s responsibility to ensure they return home with everything they came with. To reduce the chance of lost items you can label clothing! The first thing our staff do with a lost item is look at the tag – so label away!

Label Providers:

  1. Mabel’s Labels
  2. Lovable Labels

When you purchase labels through Mabel’s Labels or Lovable Labels 20% of every order will support Camp.


Camper Check-In is from 2:00 – 3:00 pm on Sunday. Please arrive within this window so we can serve you best. Camper program will begin at 3:30 pm.

Camp is located at the following address:

1878 Muskoka Road 10 W.
Port Sydney, ON  P0B 1L0

Don’t worry about where you are going once you get here. Our summer staff will meet you at the front gate and make sure you end up in the right place.


Medical Form

We require that parents bring a completed Camper Medical Form with them to registration. Our staff will be checking for completed information including your child’s health card number and a valid credit card number.

Tuck Accounts

A camper’s tuck account enables them to purchase drinks, snacks, apparel, and souvenirs at the camp store throughout the week. You can set up a tuck account on the registration form, through our main office, or during check-in.

Please note that during check-in we will only accept cash or cheque.  If you would like to pay by VISA or MasterCard please call the office ahead of time.

Camper Mail

When you arrive at Camp you have the option to drop off mail that will be given to your child throughout the week. Please ensure that all mail is clearly labeled with the camper’s name and the date you would like it delivered. We’ll take care of the rest!

Alternatively, you can also Email a Camper throughout the week for $1 per message.