Our Values


“The primary purpose of Camp Mini-Yo-We is the salvation of boys and girls and their spiritual strengthening. Everything must serve that purpose and each leader is expected to give his or her very best to that end.”

– Les Rickard, 1946


Mission: Developing tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation.

Vision: Transforming lives that transform communities for Christ.


Promote Safety

Our first priority at Camp is the safety of each camper. We define safety as no injuries, no accidents and no close calls in all areas of Camp Mini-Yo-We. We ensure this with well-trained staff, dedicated medical personnel, and a zero-tolerance policy on bullying.

Proclaim Christ

Camp Mini-Yo-We is a Christian camp, which means we are committed to introducing young people to the good news of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. You can find out more on our What We Believe page.

Prefer Others

To prefer others means to put them before ourselves. It isn’t enough to ask, “What Would Jesus Do?”. At Mini-Yo-We we hire staff who live this out and teach it to their campers. Our goal is for Camp a place where the selfless love of Christ is both evident and contagious.

Provide Fun

Summer camp is all about FUN! At Camp Mini-Yo-We we strive to maximize the opportunity for fun by providing children with new experiences, life-long friendships, and creative programming.

Practice Stewardship

The earth is the Lords and He has entrusted it to our care (Psalm 24:1, Genesis 2:15). As leaders we aim to be careful stewards of the money, equipment and facilities He provides for us.